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Archive for May 2018

Tooth Resorption

headline pic v1 1024x576 - Tooth Resorption

What is tooth resorption? Tooth resorption is a relatively common and painful condition in cats. It can be seen in dogs as well, although not as frequently. These lesions used to be referred to as “neck lesions” due to their common location at the “neck” of the tooth where the gingiva meets the crown. They…

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What is a Veterinary Dentist

What is a Veterinary Dentist v1 1024x576 - What is a Veterinary Dentist

What is a veterinary dentist and how do I find one? Did you know that there are only about 160 Veterinary Dentists in the world? That’s because it is one of the newest veterinary specialties! Fortunately, it is a rapidly growing field and the number of veterinary dentists in the world will continue to increase.…

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