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Archive for June 2018

Neemo’s story

Neemo pre op edit 840x1024 - Neemo's story

Neemo is the sweetest beagle-mix puppy! Little Neemo was adopted from a rescue when he was a young puppy (lucky dog!), and as he grew, his mom noticed that he had an underbite. Her primary veterinarian watched this as he grew and started to become concerned when she noticed that the teeth were hitting each…

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IMG 3429 1 768x1024 - Stomatitis

What is stomatitis? Feline stomatitis is a painful disease that we encounter all too often as veterinary dentists. It is characterized by severe inflammation of the gingiva and mucosa in the mouths of our feline patients. The classical appearance of stomatitis involves inflammation in the caudal oral cavity (far back regions of the mouth) where…

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