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Archive for July 2018

Signs of dental disease in dogs and cats

IMG 7032 768x1024 - Signs of dental disease in dogs and cats

When it comes to signs of dental disease in dogs and cats, please think about the following: 1st– Cats and dogs are notoriously good at hiding signs of pain. That is their nature! They rarely show obvious signs of dental disease. 2nd– Eating is an incredibly strong drive for all animals, and our domestic dogs…

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Anesthesia: Safety

anesthesia room 1024x720 - Anesthesia: Safety

Safety of anesthesia: Many dog and cat owners are extremely concerned when their furry family member has to undergo anesthesia.  Of course there are inherent risks of anesthesia, which will be discussed below, but more often than not, the benefits of properly treating dental disease far outweigh the risks of anesthesia. There are two major…

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Anesthesia: Why is it required for proper dental care?

anesthesia 1024x1024 - Anesthesia: Why is it required for proper dental care?

Why is anesthesia required for my dog/cat’s dental care? Diagnosis in human dentistry usually starts with what hurts. The dentist sprays cold water on a sensitive tooth and you say “Ouch!” A patient’s symptoms are critical to the diagnostic process. But because animals cannot tell us how they feel, veterinarians must look for other diagnostic…

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Squash’s story

squash after today v1 1024x683 - Squash’s story

Squash, a Himalayan cat, was rescued by me (Dr. Buelow) after being turned in to a shelter. She was only about 2 at the time, but required a lot of medical care and nursing to get back to health after being kept in very poor conditions (presumably for breeding purposes). Well, after having her for…

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